Mimi Favre Studio is a collection of fine jewelry that is designed and crafted in Pennsylvania. My design process begins with either a sketch or is inspired by interesting stones or pearls. Many are one-of-a-kind creations. All of the elements that comprise each original fine jewelry design are hand fabricated or begin as wax carvings and are then reproduced, including the distinctive signature clasps and settings that complete many pieces. I work primarily in 18k gold with gemstones and pearls that are carefully selected for quality and visual appeal. 

Through a life long interest in the decorative arts and atunement to natural and botanical forms I strive to attain a balance of the visual and tactile in my designs. Unique blending of color relationships with texture and refined sculptural elements define my modern classic, yet organic style of jewelry.

While a bench jeweler and model maker of fine jewelry for a prestigious New York City manufacturer, I expanded the skills acquired from a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rochester Institute of Technology by executing one of a kind designs of several notable Jewelry houses. Working at the bench, behind the scene, afforded me a privileged insider experience into the world of exceptional fine jewelry. Through the melding of two distinctive jewelry-making approaches over several decades of fine craftsmanship, I am upholding a time honored tradition of the artisan studio jeweler.

I am honored to be the recipient of the prestigious American Gem Trade Association’s Spectrum Award in the categories Platinum Honors and Business Daywear.

Purchasing jewelry is a very personal experience especially when it is made from precious metals and gemstones. I maintain a curated collection of gemstones and pearls for future projects. I consider custom requests. Please feel free to contact to discuss a custom order.

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